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Lars Laj's Big Family Picnic

Here at Lars Laj we know all about fun outside, in the fresh air. Especially now that the long winter is over and we can enjoy the wonderful weather. We decided to celebrate beginning of the summer with big family picnic. All the employees with their families met on a beautiful, sunny Saturday, at a nearby farm called Smętowice. Of course, as always in Lars Laj, the most important where the kids. We prepared loads of fun activities to make sure everyone would find someting just perfect to enjoy and smile about. In Smętowice parents could take their little ones by their hands and visit the animals in the petting zoo, including such exotic specimens as peacocks and ostrichs. Those especially interested in learning something new about nature were able to see a white kangaroo, one of only two living in Europe. Apart from that, the children could romp around on such playground equipement as little huts, slides, swings, trampolines and huge bouncy castle, which was especially popular among the bravest young adventurers. Of course fun is always the best when it includes learning some new skills, so for the most demanding guests we had archery, darts, goal training, and inflatable football pitch. Grown-ups had also a lot of things to choose from. Tug of war, sack races and more of those good old outdoor games, that always mean tons of laughter, especially if we are among a group of close, good spirited people that we, at Lars Laj Poland, create. Everybody knows, that picnics, apart from good weather and games, are all about delicious food, so in between the amusement we could snack on yummy barbecued dishes to retrive much needed energy. Picnic lasted until late in the afternoon. Everyone left merry, content and definately healthier, as it is commonly known that there is no better medicine than laughter in the company of people who care about eachother, our great, big Lars Laj Family.